The new Nikon D80

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Nikon has released its new D80 digital SLR, and Digital Photo Preview has a first look.

From the side by sides, the D80 is similar to the D200. However, the D80 is focused as a D70 replacement, not a direct competitor for the D200. The D200 has more exposure options and is faster, and also uses compact flash cards, rather than Secure Digital.

I can respect that the use of SD allows Nikon to trim the camera size, but there’s one problem I have with SD over compact flash cards: they’re too small. The compact flash cards are just big enough for me to handle easily in the field. I have a hand held GPS device that uses SD, and I drop the things even when trying to insert them into the device in the quiet of my office.

I think the D80 is going to end up a popular camera. Perhaps it will be popular enough to ease some of the demand on the D200.

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