Two from Sheila

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Two excellent posts from Sheila to pass on:

The latest covers the Lieberman defeat and the ludicrous accusations that the Joe Lieberman site was hacked. As was discovered and discussed in numerous publications, the Lieberman campaign hosted the site on a cheap server, and then paid the price when it received too much attention.

Lieberman stood for something once upon a time. Whatever it was he stood for, though, was lost in the 9/11 attacks. He lost his perspective, and now he’s lost the race. Running as an independent, as he has threatened, just shows that he’s about to lose the one thing left: his dignity.

On the other hand, the ‘people’ weren’t entirely the winners, as has been proclaimed. The Lieberman challenger, Lamont, may have made effective use of the grassroots to run his compaign, but he also made a great deal of use of his personal wealth. He wasn’t exactly one of the little people.

Still, hopefully this will shake up the Dems enough to force the party into something other than Republican Light.

Personally, I preferred Sheila’s other story, on juke boxes and a new documentary associated with juke boxes. I loved the boxes from the 40’s and remember fondly the cafe we used to go to at the junction of this highway and that; with its juke boxes at the table, which always left me wondering: how did the system know which song to play next?

The first story is about more important doings, but I’m finding that everything there is to be said about politics and the world at large has been said already: we’re just each taking turns shuffling the words around, some better than others.

The juke box story, now that topic was fresh.

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