The surreal to the sublime

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Oh good lord. I have no idea whether to laugh or snort in disgust. I guess it depends on whether this is a made up story or a real one.

While I was having way too much fun with the St. Louis weblogging group working on comment fiction, a story, if you want to call it that, broke at Blog Herald.

“Exclusive!”, screams the headlines, in dusty blue rather than lurid and cheap yellow, as one would expect:

Defining the A-List at BloggerCon according to Halley Suitt: “elitist bad-ass-A-list-bloggers exclusive event” revealed.

Again, it’s difficult to tell whether this was a gag, or for real. Regardless, so the story goes (and it seems more improbable than our little Comment Fiction story), Halley Suitt sent out an invite for drinks before this evening’s dinner. Dave Winer, who insists it was not he who leaked the story, suggested that she put the invite on the BloggerCon site for all conference attendees. Halley responded back, jovially (I mean, come on. I haven’t met Halley, but even I can tell it’s a joke), with:

Dave = The Drinks @ the Millennium event is NOT open
to all. This is a purely snobby elitist bad-ass-A-list-bloggers
exclusive event BEFORE the dinner which is open to all.

Dave wasn’t comfortable with this, and I can somewhat understand it, though I think his response was, well, a bit pompous. If he were to attend a get together with some of the more, what would we call them? Illustrous? Prominant? Famous? Heavier pinged? Regardless, if he were to start getting together with a bunch of the elite, you know someone would leak it and he’d be made the goat.

Someone did leak it, if the story I’m reading is true, and not yet another case of Comment Fiction. And a bad case at that.

If it is true, then this is about the silliest thing I have seen in years. If Halley wants to have a get together with a group of people she knows, great! She should! I hope now that all of them don’t show up at the prearranged place, and quietly go somewhere else and have a great time. I personally recommend drinks at the Four Seasons or Harborview, myself.

But regardless of whether this is true or now, it seems like we’re now using meeting each other like kids use trading cards.

“I’ll trade you a Dave Winer for a Halley Suitt and two Dan Gillmor’s.”

Piffle. Pure piffle.

If this was all a put on, and a publicity stunt, or a made up story – pretty good. But I like what I and the other St. Louis bloggers are doing, better.

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