The SxSW bloggers

One of the best live webloggers at SxSW was Nancy White — be sure to catch her writing on “Blogging While Black”.

Still trying to find notes on the Women in Design session (anyone?), but Joe Clark has done a terrific job on the design sessions. Molly wrote a post that JavaScript is the new black; Javascript combined with the DOM (Document Object Model — the pieces of the page) are getting all new interest. All I can say is that if JavaScript is the new black, web pages that don’t crash and burn across machines and browsers is the new pink.

More on DHTML in a later post. I have to dig up my old examples, see if they’ll survive the exodus into Firefox on the Mac.

Thanks to Mike Linksvayer for a nice rundown on the lowercase semantic presentations, and for providing links to both Eric Meyer’s and Tantek’s presentation. I will definitely have more to say on these later.

I am surprised, though, that there isn’t more recordings–audio or video–of the sessions at SxSW. After all, isn’t fresh media the focus of SxSW? Now, I have to start hunting up material for ETech.

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