Third major storm in four days

We just got another major thunderstorm alert–the third in four days; plus flooding and an occasional tornado warning. I’ll take pictures of any funnel clouds heading this way. Really. Honest. I’m not going to be a scaredy baby diving for shelter when I can have a chance to take a tornado picture for you all.

The thunderstorms have been the worst I’ve seen, before or after moving to Missouri. Yesterday afternoon the sound was so bad, and everything was shaking so much, that all I wanted to do was join Zoe hiding under the bed. The hail hit the roof and the windows so hard that at one point, I thought one of the windows was cracked. I expect hail damage to Golden Girl this year, because all indications are, it’s going to be a long, stormy summer.

Speaking of which, I’ve traded cars with my roommate for the summer. I get better gas mileage, and this helps with his longish commute. He has an eleven year old van that’s been through the wars, and I’m looking to do a little tornado chasing this year.

I’ve been studying the meteorology on tornadoes for two years, in addition to the behavior of storms in Missuori, and I’m ready to give it a shot; at least, locally. I’ve always loved weather, and I need a little adventure in my life.

Scratch that–I need a lot of adventure in my life.

Of course, we have to discount the fact that yesterday I was ready to hide under the bed with my cat.

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