Threads II

Neighborhood items.

Steve is back from his travels abroad.

Frank Paynter has interviewed Ryan Irelan, including a very nice photo of Ryan and his wife.

Jeff Ward started a category for Margaret Bourke-White photos. I am a fan of her work, and if you ask me why I would answer because of her unique perspective, which sounds lame. Since I have no idea how to describe photographs, this and a link to a gallery of her photographs will have to do.

Dorothea’s Electronic index idea is gaining detail.

Halley is finishing her Alpha Male Series, advancing the cause of the New Femininity while making the guys in the audience Feel Real Good.

Mark got married. Congrats, Mark and Dora. Photos were nice.

…and that’s the way the blog turns.

PS These items were meant to be in fun, or in comradery. Sorry if the effect was otherwise.

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