Time off

Someone had described my cross-browser DHTML objects recently as old code that bends over backwards to be compatible with old crusty browsers…, when compared with up-to-date and well maintained modern libraries.

I found it odd that objects that have managed not to break for six years of DHTML generations are ‘bad’ where new ones, barely tested, in beta, and that break in most browsers but Firefox and maybe IE are ‘good’, but I guess this is the brand new world of web development.

Still, many of my code examples, tutorials, and writings do need to be updated, or at least, wrapped in lime green and sky blue curvy cornered goodness so they look new (not to mention marking them as ‘beta’ so that people will know they’re supposed to use them for production work; stamping them web 2.0 also helps folks known they’re supposed to get excited at first glimpse).

My top-level web site ( and sites other than this weblog also need to be updated to a new look and organized, as well as made more accessible in all ways.

December is a good time to take care of things; to start January right.

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