More congrats

Congratulations to Jeneane for getting a new and interesting gig, blogging strategist for a new startup: BubbleShare.

Congratulations to AKMA for being a priest for nineteen years and for writing about soup.

Finally, congratulations to my old, moltychicken friend, Stavros the Wonderchicken for finally writing to his weblog again; not to mention creating a rather interesting way of screwing up Technorati’s blog counts. I like the concept–a one post weblog. Somewhat like a one night stand without having to worry about wearing a condom.

I do find it odd, though, when people write in their weblogs about how dull or boring weblogs have become. Does anyone else also see this as an oxymoron?

Regardless, it’s too bad Stavros won’t read my congratulating him, or my contemplation of oxymorons because he doesn’t click through to weblogs who don’t provide full excerpts in their syndication feeds. Such sadness, because how many posts do you know of that manage to encompass a priest’s anniversary, bubbles, chickens, and protected sex, all in one writing?

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