Tin Can Blues

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

AKMA goes for hernia surgery tomorrow and my best wishes go out to him for a speedy and trouble free recovery. I’m going for an MRI myself tomorrow, which I gather is a claustrophobic generating experience; however, they promised me legal drugs, so I’m okay with being stuffed into a bitty tube while they hit it with ballpeen hammers for an hour.

Speaking of AKMA, him being one of my favorite virtual neighbors, I just went out to eight different weblogs in a row and every single one was talking about this get together or that. Eight. In a row. That’s cool, but I’m beginning to feel like the only weblogger in the entire world who has not met another weblogger. I know I’m not, but it feels that way sometimes.

We used to think we’d achieved connectivity with our comments, but I gather this is now old school technology and no one comments anymore, they meet on IRC. Or they IM each other. Or meet face to face. And then post photographs of the meet. Via moblog.

If weblogging is so special, then why the conferences, IM, IRC, FOAF, RSS, NOAA, NSA, get togethers, phone calls, and carrier pigeons? Shouldn’t weblogging be enough?

Who has time to write any more with the buzzing about? Is this the reason that people are posting less, or is everyone just plain burned out?

Maybe I’m the only one burned out. Maybe because I’m not IM, IRC, and pressing the flesh. Is flesh pressing a necessity, sort of like having iodine in our salt?

Sigh – what do you do with a weblogger who only weblogs? Do we eventually fade away until not even our scent remains?

Only questions today. Here’s not looking at you, kid.

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