It would seem that some people think my anger and unhappiness over edits being made to my comments is overreaction. After all, they say, It’s Sam’s spot. What is my problem?

Funny. I thought they were my words. And it does give me cause to wonder about how much people stand by their own words, if they would allow edits to them so casually. Perhaps I should be more stunned at the complacent attitude. Wait a second, I am stunned. That’s where that overreaction thing comes in.

Have you all ever noticed that there is a group think and a group behavior aspect to weblogging? “Well, Shelley”, they say. “You should react, we demand that you react, but this way is too little, and that way is too much”, as if this whole thing was Goldilocks and the Three Behaviors.

I used to think any reaction was okay, as long as it’s honest. But it would seem that this has turned into a personal assessment of all my various faults. Well, that’s fair – I said I didn’t trust Sam because he edited my comments.

But then, I also don’t have to like it.

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