To my terraphile friends

I don’t know what it is about people who love gardens, but every time they leave a comment or send an email, or write a new post, I’m immediately uplifted and cheered by their writing. If more of us read gardeners, I think we’d all be happier.

As a thank you to my gardening and other plant loving friends–because this all is virtual and I can’t exchange cuttings with you, or offer you any fresh cherries or tomatoes–and in case you didn’t see this link– Sheila Lennon put together a page of links that has enough gardening weblogs and resources to make even the most dedicated terraphile blissful.

Is that a word, terraphile?

When I was taking a break from weblog writing, I still read weblogs, even commenting on some. I found that the political and/or historical posts either frustrated me or inspired me, the technical posts stimulated me, and the posts with photographs made me want to get off my butt and start going through some of my old photos.

But it was the posts by people writing about everyday life – movies, family, friends, sharing recipes and giggles, hikes and trips, and most of all, flowers – that made me feel good. Nothing wrong with just feeling good.

(Of course, a post like this requires photos. Lest you think that I won’t be posting photos much until I get my new camera, think again! I have about a thousand photos, never before published. I think I can find one or two, now and again, that will be passable enough to put online.)

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