TOC the book…soon to be made into a movie

Writings from the TOC (Tools of Change) conference this last week have been made into a free eBook at O’Reilly. I’ve already downloaded it to my Kindle, and others have downloaded it to their Stanza application, but you can read it as a PDF on your computer. Heck, you can print it if you’re feeling contrary. A description of the TOC and a link to the book, via TeleRead.

You don’t have to provide a credit card, but you do have to provide your mailing address, as you are going through O’Reilly’s check out system. I used St. Louis at first, which caused the system to cough, gasp, and fall fainting to the ground.

FYI systems people: it is St. Louis. It is not Saint Louis. We are across the Missouri river from St. Charles, not Saint Charles. We’re north of St. Genevieve, not Saint Genevieve. Forget what Google Maps has, we’re St. Louis.

Signed Shelley “there is a second ‘e’ in my name” Powers. Who lives in St. Louis.

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