Isn’t that just like a man?

I walked down by the lake to take some reflection shots and almost stepped on a nest with three large eggs in it. Just as I was about to take a photo of the eggs, I heard a sound in the water next to the tree, the mother and father goose.

I backed away to the table nearby and stopped. The mother and father hissed at me a bit but evidently decided I wasn’t a threat because they didn’t chase me — something geese will do.

Then, the two lived up to gender stereotypes the world over: the mother settled down with the kiddies, preening her feathers, while the father took off across the lake.


I had a difficult time getting a shot of mom as she kept snaking her head around to work on her feathers. I also wanted a shot of the eggs, and this ended up being the best of both.


The shot is a bit dark, but I like it Of course I like it — lots of reflective water, one of my obsessions.

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