Tom Graves, shy, not!

Tom appeared first in comments, later in a Radio weblog called xio. If you’ve hung around Burningbird for long then you know Tom and know that he is not the most shy person in the block. No, I wouldn’t call Tom shy at all.

As with so many other webloggers I seem to know, Tom is another techie. Snooping around his various web sites, I also found out that he is yet another weblogging cat fan, as witness his photo of Grizzie. You can also see various photos of Tom through the ages at a personal history page. By the way, I liked the beard.

I have never found Tom to add a comment to any of my and other weblogger postings that wasn’t challenging, to say the least. In particular, he has very strong views of feminism, including a recent posting at his own weblog on the subject that hints at past experiences with women that haven’t been all that pleasant. However, Tom has never been anything but friendly to me. He may not always agree with me, but he never attacks me personally, and always has a kind word for me when I’m a little down.

Interesting fact: One thing I noticed when looking at Tom’s business site is how many of “us” within this particular weblogging circle are independent. In fact, I think the majority of webloggers I know either have their own company, work for themselves, or have a business on the side.

Take a moment and say hi to Tom!

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