Trackback for the non-trackback enabled

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I created a Trackback form for pinging my weblog posts for those people who aren’t using Movable Type or some other Trackback enabled weblog tool (or don’t have a Trackback stand alone server) but who want to send a ping to the post.

In the main page, next to the Trackback counter is the link for the form — just click it and in the form page that opens, fill in your post’s information and push the submit button. In the individual pages, the Trackback form is next to the Trackback title in the appropriate section of the page.

Hopefully other Trackback enabled weblogs will provide this type of form for their own posts, as a courtesy not only for those who are kind enough to reference our posts in their own weblogs (or in an email list, wiki, or web site), but also for our readers so they can see everyone who is talking about the post.

A text version of my form page is here. All that you need is to change the look. If you don’t have PHP at your site, you’ll also need to change the process that pulls the Trackback identifier from the URL when the form is accessed.

Simple technical change. Lots of payback. Hopefully a minimum of abuse, but feel free to play with it a bit — I can delete test trackbacks today.


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