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A little later I’ll have a post indirectly related to my current work effort. Some has to be kept confidential but part of what we’re developing is work that will be released to the world at large, and that’s what I’ll be writing about.

In the meantime, I think the NY Times idea of wider content area is good — I’m tired of my skinny little bar. More than that, I really don’t like posting photos less than 600 pixels. For those who are using a screen resolution of 800 x 600, I’ve created a full content feed in Atom (1.0), which you can read in your aggregator. The feed is at, but note you have to have a username and password for this. Email me if you’d like these.

This full content feed does validate as 1.0. I copied the WordPress Atom 1.0 code that Ben created with a few modifications for my own Wordform implementation. I don’t fully understand why the WordPress developers are against Atom 1.0 but I’m not going to implement a feed using a deprecated specification. I’ll still use RSS 1.0 for my main, unprotected but abbreviated feed.

Still not supporting RSS 2.0. I’m glad that Rogers Cadenhead and Sam Ruby have joined those of us who refuse to support RSS 2.0 feeds until the issue of enclosures, at a minimum, have been resolved. As I demonstrated with Tinfoil last week, multiple enclosures is a real, tangible, problem with RSS 2.0.

Speaking of Tinfoil Project and my two recent rambles, thanks to folks who were encouraging I might do other recordings — just for fun. Sometimes, you just want to do something different. I won’t, though, create any other weblog and have no idea what I was thinking. There are other forms of writing online without being constrained by the weblogging format–including writing anything over 200 words that is linkless and that isn’t meant to disappear in five days or less.

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