Verbal drool

Verbal Drool. I paid this weblog a visit when it showed in my referrers list. I like the name of the weblog, and when you visit it you’ll see why I like the weblog look.

(Burningbird is a sucker for cute kittens. What can I say? Whenever I see something helpless with big, trusting, hopeful eyes, I just melt. Do you think that’s why I like Chris Locke so much?)

However, looks and name aside — content is king. Oh, excuse me. I meant to say, “Writing” is king. And spending some time at Sam’s weblog showed me that a) he can deliver (weblogging stuff that is), and b) he has a terrific sense of humor.

In particular, read Sam’s posts about talking with the roomiecustomer support, and especially conversation at a forum.

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