Vertical Reflections

In these three photographs, there were a couple of patterns that emerged — the reflections of the water and the vertical nature of the plants surrounding the water. Both aspects added to the shots and these were some of my favorite photos from the day.


I really liked this photo. I liked the vertical trees on both sides of the pond, which seem to blend one into each other. I like the lighting — very dark in the forest, very bright on the pond, creating a sense of mystery.

If I don’t like anything about the picture, it’s the darkness of the foreground.


I liked the foreground/background effect of the weeds in the front and the trees on the other side of the lake. This just accentuated the reflection of the trees in the water, which is something I’ll never tire of.

You’ll probably tire of it though. If I do too many reflection pictures, please feel free to make a note of it. I’ll ignore the note, but you’ll feel better having made it.


Not the best of photos, as the overhanding branches make the picture ‘messy’ in my opinion. but I liked the base of the tree being wrapped in water. I would have taken more photos, but I was disturbing a nesting goose.

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