Victor Echo Zulu

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

A weblogging newcomer Victor Echo Zulu, who already demonstrates good weblogging practice (multiple posts throughout the day), has one of the best responses I’ve seen on a tedious squabble we all, unfortunately, know too well.

Huh? What kind of community have I joined?

Victor, every community has its dirty secrets and this tiresome battle is one of them. Ignore it, concentrate on the fun, and next thing you’ll know you’ll be hooked liked the rest of us. Welcome to weblogging!

(Stop by and say hello. Bring him a pie.)

Thanks to Jonathon and Garth for introducing us to Victor.

<edit /> Calling Victor Echo Zulu! Calling Victor Echo Zulu! Add the email thingy to your site. Over?

<edit /> Victor now has email enabled – send him a hello.

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