Weather. Again.

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I decided I needed a weather category.

Nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning to the blare of the tornado warning system. I stumbled out of bed, trying to see anything out the window but the weather was quite calm. Going downstairs, my roommate already had the Weather Channel on. No need to grab the cat today, though.

The major part of the storm passed to the north of us. However, we got hit with the tail of it, with large hail, up to 3/4 inch or so in size, and a lot of water. At one point the road in front of our place was under about 4-6 inches of fast moving water.

As fast as it moved in, it was gone. The water’s starting to recede, and the birds are coming out from the trees. There’s a fresh breeze blowing a wonderful smell in through the windows.

This is all old hat to people born and raised in Tornado Alley, but rather interesting to a newcomer. I’m sure all of this will become commonplace eventually. In the meantime: wheeee!


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