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Damn it, Mike! After I did my last posting I thought I would do a little weblog trolling and there it is, another Mike Golby classic. Yet more excellent writing mixing humor and philosophy with nibbles and bites of life in South Africa. What are you? Some kind of bottomless good writing machine?

Unless you start slacking off, I’m going to come down there and kick your butt.


First of all, I did not elope with Tutor. I was too tall and he was too short and he had this thing for cherry lollipops that was a little too kinky for my blood, and so on and so forth. Besides, it was just a summer thing…

Well, damn. I wasn’t going to bore you all with details of the Trials and Tribulations of Burningbird, at least until some things get resolved. But, after seeing weblog after weblog filled with glowing cries of joy based on Userland’s adding RSS titles, links, OPML, and what not to Radio, I figured that my weblog will at the least be a change of pace.

(Come to think of it, there are all these Radio weblogs spending much of their time extolling Radio features. Might as well staple a Userland ad to your butts, people. At least then we’ll be spared some of the noise when you sit down.)

On to the Trials and Tribulation:

Connected up with a terrific person at General Hospital and she found me a physician. I see him as well as getting several tests performed on the 3rd of April. The nurse agreed with me in that I have the symptoms of a person with an umbilical hernia…at best. If it isn’t a hernia it could be a couple of other things that I would rather not contemplate. Regardless, I have to go into clinic and hospital for ultrasound and possible surgery.

(If it is hernia, how did I get it? Well, you see I have this huge mattress and it needs to be turned every few months and … well, you get the idea.)

I am in a world of hurt and that’s making me cranky — one reason I was going to take a break from weblogging. However, I’ve decided to use the crankiness to good effect and write Scathing Weblogs, instead. Warning: if you want sweetness and light within a weblog for the next couple of weeks, I suggest you go check out some other weblog that features a lot of cute kitten pictures or something. The best I can do is this.

I have been feverishly sending out job applications — permanent and contracting — all over the place and had one whole phone call, today. One whole phone call. That’s one. 1. And it was for a 4 week gig to port an Access database to Informix. The only problem is, I haven’t used Access or Informix for years.

I am broke. I need a job. I don’t give a rat’s ass if I haven’t worked with these particular database systems in a few years. Gimme the job!

No go.

I also finished my corporate tax filings for the US and for Massachusetts and California states today. What a pain in the friggen butt! Why don’t they just speak plain English on these forms:

How much did you make?

Send us all of it.

You know if webloggers blogged in a manner similar to how the tax forms work, our weblogs would look something like the following:

I have this great story. See AccordianGuy for the start, unless your weblog start day was before June, in which case you’ll want to go to Karl’s weblog. However, before going to this weblog, you need to check your eligibility at Eric’s, first.

At Eric’s: Please see Phil’s weblog — he has a cute kitten story. Then access Elaine’s header for directions in how to proceed. But you’ll need to go to Liane’s to find out how to access Elaine’s weblog. And use the Section Al78u8o Ref YYFN instructions (as defined under weblog law dated 1987) at Victor’s to find out what day it is. If it’s not Tuesday, disregard previous instruction.

Whatever you do, don’t go to this weblog or you’ll come away with a compulsion to staple an ad for Radio 8.0 on your butt.

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