Weblogging Burnout

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

If I’m reading the posting correctly, it looks like Gary is taking a break from blogging, as Allan has done. And as with Allan, I hope he hurries back soon.

Weblogging burn out. Seems to hit everyone doesn’t it? At times if feels like you’ve got a weblog on your back.

Shake that little sucker off, brother, and walk unbowed in the sun, dabbling your toes in the cool green grass. You, too, can be free.

Come back soon, Gary.

I am also shutting down a weblog for a time — TechBlog. I started to last month but kept it on and that was a mistake. I need time to work on my ideas, see which ones really are worth pursuing and which ones I should just drop.

Burningbird will continue, though, pointing you to tidbits such as the Great Google/Church of Scientology Conspiracy that Victor found.

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