Weblogging buzz

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Well, hey, we made it into 2002. Pat yourselves on the backs.

In the comments attached to my weblog postings from this last week’s brouhaha over open source and P2P (primarily open source), readers mentioned that some people, who will remain nameless (“quack”), deliberately make controversial statements in order to generate weblogging buzz. What’s interesting is that I don’t necessarily see a lot of buzz from the open source discussion, at least not in page hits to my weblog.

I received a lot more buzz from the discussion regarding web standards and the WaSP then anything I’ve ever gotten into with (“quack”). And the WaSP debates were, for the most part, reasonable and cogent. In fact, I think some of the folks who pushed back could be said to have counted coup on me, with extremely reasonable and well thought out responses — dammit.

Still, the concept of “weblogging buzz” is intriguing. Worth more discussion at a later time I think.

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