Weblogging comment spamfest

Jonathon has started a new trend in weblogging — he’s giving a prize to the person who drops in the 1000th comment.

That’s right boys and girls, this is your chance to win either a Dishmatique of your very own — the tool of choice for webloggers round the world — or a selection of that delectable treat, Tim Tams.

Run, don’t walk, over to Mr. Delacour’s home and comment, comment, comment! Show Mr. D you love him. Pass the word. This is an official call for a Weblogging Comment Spamfest!.

In honor of this momentous occasion, today I’ll be tripping through Jonathon’s comments from postings past, and pulling out and posting excerpts.

Mr. Delacour and members of Mr. Delacour’s immediate family, friends, associates, and fellow Australians are not eligible for prizes. The results are being tallied by Anderson Accounting, and are not valid until appropriate bribes are paid.

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