Weblogging Feb 20 2002

Looks like the Boys of Blogging are heading out for a brew with the champion beer taster of Oz.

Of course, we know that they will sip their brew (or “piss” as they affectionately refer to it) rather than chug it down. And we know that they’ll limit themselves to a decorous 1-2 beers rather than 5, 9, 12 or more. After all, bloggers do everything with restraint, don’t we?

No inebriated night of debauchery for these gentlemen. No siree. Besides, Garth is getting married soon…he has to behave himself.


As can be seen from the time markups, all of my favorite webloggers are ahead of me in time. Their tomorrow is my today at some point. Or my today is their yesterday, from their perspective.

I can watch the weblogs come online as one would watch the sun rise in the East, set in the West. First up is members of the Australian Delegation (the +19); next is Chris in South Korea (+17) — depending on his consumption of plum wine, of course. Following is Mike in South Africa (+10), and then the Europeans such as Gary and A Secret Smile (+8), followed by Rogi in the Azores (+7). Finally comes the yanks in the state, Eastern part of the country first.

My blog is last to rise, last to set. Well, in the virtual neighborhood, that is.

Anyhow, on a related note, Sharon and I have been discussing a get together when I’m in the Washington DC area in May speaking at Nextware. If you’re an East Coaster, or if you’re attending NextWare, and are interested in a meet, holler, and we’ll see if we can’t work out a true blog party.


Chris sent me an email asking what the little “+xx” values were attached to each blog to the left. I answered that they were each blogger’s sex rating. Well, he was quite pleased with his rating. I imagine the Aussies would be quite pleased, too. However, Doc and others local to myself might be a tad uptight.

In case you’re curious, the numbers represent the time difference — in hours — between my home base and the other weblogs.

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