Weblogging: More Than Words

Two friends have stopped by to say hi since I turned comments back on.

Bill mentions the Radio Userland days,which puts us back in very ancient weblogging territory. So ancient that today’s TikTok kids weren’t even born when we got together in Userland pages.

I also used to have a Userland Manila weblog, but those days are permanently gone. The Manila weblogs were lost in the Wayback Machine because of a bot-killer Dave Winer implemented. Sad, but such is life.

AKMA also stopped by and discussed doing weblog  recovery for his space, but what about the comments? We can recover the words, but we can’t recover the comments.

Indeed this is the biggest loss when we’ve moved our spaces all about: we can move our words, but we’ve left the community behind.

Thankfully, Wayback Machine rode in and saved the internet. Not only does it preserve a page, it preserves the theme of the page, the look and feel and in-place context. It also frequently preserved the comments.

I may have recovered the words to Cheap Eats at the Semantic Web Cafe in this space, but the Wayback Machine saved everything else about that old posting in its space. And I’m eternally grateful for the gift it’s given us.

You see what I did there? I did weblogging.

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