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What it is

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

My philosophy as I begin this new journal can be found in the movie, “Six Days and Seven Nights”.

In the movie, the main character, Quinn (played by Harrison Ford), is a rough edged island society drop out who flies a beat up old plane between Tahiti and a tropical island getaway. He’s sitting at the bar when the requisite female lead, Robin (played by Anne Heche), walks up to get a drink. They end up talking about people who vacation in tropical islands, leading Quinn to scoff about those who, “…come here looking for the magic, hoping to find romance, when they can’t find it anywhere else.” Robin replies maybe people do find romance. Quinn then replies:

It’s an island, babe. If you didn’t bring it here, you won’t find it here.

There you go. What it is.

In the sidebar to your right are screenshots of various sites I’m in the process of putting together. I had planned on waiting until all were finished, and then doing a “Ta Da!” moment, but that just puts pressure on to finish and adds to stress. Must finish, must finish. Instead, I figured I’d just toss things out in various stages, and eventually something tangible will coalesce out of the mess. Or not.

Most of the sites are for general writing and/or photography. The only ‘weblog’ format sites will be this, the Bb Gun, and ScriptTeaser. Everything I publish will have an introductory entry here, at Just Shelley; the post then forming a discussion forum. The Bb Gun is for general web commentary and expressions of opinion of which I’ve never had a shortage. The ScriptTeaser site is pure tech, and includes sub-sites for book support.

I had planned on having comments at all three, but why create multiple points of vulnerability?

This site is my starting point to all things Shelley, and hence the name. This is my point of contact with those others who make up the ‘community’ in which we connect to each other. My warm appreciation for those who missed me. *PHPPTT!* to those who didn’t.

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