When is a Rescue not a Rescue? When it’s Rescue a French Bulldog

Folks involved with the puppy mill effort in Missouri have long been familiar with Wendy Laymon, and her so-called “Rescue a French Bulldog”.

Wendy Laymon has a shameful history of animal neglect as a commercial breeder, including being fined by the USDA and losing her USDA license. Chat in the community has it that she started up the Rescue a French Bulldog, not to save poor homeless french bull dogs but to muddy the water for genuine rescues—not to mention siphoning off donations from the less informed, as well as being a way to get rid of frenchies that haven’t sold through her commercial breeding operation.

Thankfully, the Humane Society of the US has taken action on Ms. Laymon and her dubious enterprise. The organization recently filed a complaint with the Missouri AG that the Rescue a French Bulldog violates Missouri’s consumer protection laws.

This gives the AG a reason to go after Laymon, but the more important point of all of this is why is this person still in business? I don’t want to keep reading about the AG’s office closure of one breeder, as if the closure of one breeder justifies overriding the vote of the people.

The Department of Agriculture now has money. It now has the inspectors it needs. The AG office has focused one Assistant AG on prosecuting bad breeders under the the so-called “Missouri Solution”…

So why does an organization like HSUS have to point out the obvious?

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