Winged Migration

If you’ve not seen the documentary movie Winged Migration, I can’t recommend it more highly. The filmmakers somehow manage to keep with the birds, filming at the bird’s perspective as the different breeds migrate around the world.

The visuals are extraordinary, with minimal human presence. There is a strong environmental element to the story, but the filmmakers never dwell on it. It occurs naturally, a part of the birds’ lives.

The humans in the movie appear infrequently, and are gone quickly and some may be disappointed by this. I’ve noticed that occasionally we don’t value films that don’t feature humans as the central element as highly as we could. I sometimes think as we progress, we lose our empathy to the world around us.

Ach, there goes me, moralizing again. Tell me to stop.


Okay. Go rent it. It’s a beautiful movie.

*Warning: the movie is about nature, and not all nature has happy endings.

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