Wordform: First beta release

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’ve just uploaded the first beta release of Wordform, under a build I’ve named “Sklodowska-Curie”, after the famous Madame Curie. The sidebar has a link to the download file at SourceForge.

I’ve decided to keep Wordform in perpetual beta release, to match current accepted practice as defined by Google and other fine companies. By doing this, I do my part to completely obfuscate the meaning behind such terms as ‘alpha’, ‘beta’, and ‘production’. In addition, the users will be excited about using a product that is in a constant state of uncertainty and doubt, but at the same time, fresh and sparkly new — no matter how old the source is. Best of all, if for some reason it breaks, I can point to the ‘beta’ and just shrug.

We all win.

Having said this, the build is stable, and I’ve used it to create new weblogs, as well as port both Movable Type and WordPress weblogs. I’ve been running the functionality for some time and have had few problems. Note, though, that I only have my two eyes looking at the code. If eyes other than mine want to look for bugs and, more importantly, any problems with security, I’d appreciate it.

I’m starting to put together documentation, but it’s light right now. Check back as the documentation tree grows from an acorn into a mighty tree…and about as fast.

I am still the only developer associated with this project, so be forewarned that if I’m not available, there is no support for Wordform. Still, it is open source and I would hope someone would adopt it if I get hit by a beer truck.

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