Wordform: New Update

Recovered from Wayback Machine.

I just modified comment moderation to put a placeholder comment into the thread for a moderated comment, but the placeholder only shows if:

The IP address of the original author matches the current user’s IP address.

The current author’s name and email (from cookie) matches the comment author’s name and email.


The current author’s name and url (from cookie) matches the comment author’s name and email.

The placeholder won’t show for others, or be included in displayed comment count. This should let the person know that their comment is being moderated.

I also added a test on the overall state of the weblog moderation, and a note is posted just before the comment form if the entire weblog is under moderation. Between these two modifications, there shouldn’t be any confusion about why a comment isn’t showing.

There was also a hard coded weblog table reference, which I’ve fixed. I had also moved fullcomments around before the distribution and have now fixed the URLs accordingly. These are in addition to patches sent, and other corrections I’m making, and several new metadata functions added.

Friday I’ll package these items up individually for those who have downloaded the alpha-01, in additon to providing a alpha-02 release. This should make it easier for early downloaders to apply fixes.

I really appreciate the feedback, fixes, suggestions I’m receiving–makes the process so much more fun. I have a question, though: should I drop the dynamic background image from the admin and/or floating-clouds theme? Perhaps go with one image, and then provide a package of additional images for those who want them?

(And if someone knows of a good, free JPEG compression utility online or downloadable to a Mac, please let me know.)

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