Wordform: Rewriting metadata lawyer

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’ve decided that the current implementation of the metadata layer is unworkable. Too vulnerable, and becoming too cumbersome for developers to work with.

Additionally, since it has a significant overhead, and not everyone is interested in it, I’m pulling it out as an integrated component and adding it as a drop-in infrastructure that takes advantage of the plugin architecture, as well as adding some of my own extensibility hooks.

The advantage, aside from decreasing the size of the default Wordform install, not to mention removing a security vulnerability, is that the infrastructure can have different backend engines — not just RAP (RDF API for PHP), which I’ll still be using as the first semantic drop-in. This is a response for those who are interested in using Redland and its PHP interface, rather than RAP.

Just goes to show that for every cloud there is sunshine — the new infrastructure will be superior to the existing one, but I may not have pursued it if I hadn’t had problems with security–which is something I just won’t compromise on.

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