WordPress security fix and IT Kitchen languages

I gather that there was a security breach within the WordPress 1.2 installation. A fix has been provided but it, unfortunately, replaces all files in the WP installation, not just the files changed. I imagine the developers did this because whatever was changed in 1.2 for 1.2.1 could potentially conflict with whatever customizations a person has made, and providing all files is a way of saying, “Heads up – this works with the vanilla install, but may not work with your custom work”. Or maybe they did it because it was Monday when they released the code, and this is a Monday kind of thing to do.

I checked the files that are different and the impact to my custom installation isn’t much – a couple of files and having to move a couple of lines–but I am thinking that now might be a good time to just bite the bullet and start moving my sites over to 1.3. I’ll use the IT Kitchen weblog installation as a test of the stability of the code since I’m setting this up today and tomorrow, along with the site’s wiki.

Speaking of IT Kitchen, I’m rather hoping that my multilingual readers will volunteer to help translate the IT Kitchen weblog essays from the two week workshop into different languages, so that we can have a German IT Kitchen, a Japanese IT Kitchen, an Arabic one, a French one, and so on. If you can spare some time to do one or more essay translations, I’d be grateful.

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