Works for me

Two political items from Sheila Lennon:

First this, on single women and our voting power:

“Never-married, divorced or widowed women constitute a whopping 20 percent of the electorate and 42 percent of all registered women voters. In the 2000 elections, they represented the same percentage of the electorate as Jews, blacks and Latinos combined. In terms of voting muscle, few can compete with the girl power of this constituency.”

From Reno Times

I’ve always known I’ve had power.

And then this post on which Rock The Vote commercial was voted best and Clark’s winning entry, Sheila wrote:

Clark is sitting around a table with college students. he’s just said he’s pro-choice, believes in affirmative action, and, in the same no-nonsense voice, continues, “I don’t care what the other candidates think, I don’t think Outkast is really breaking up. Big Boi and Andre 3000 just cut solo records, that’s all” followed by a high-five to one student.

Gone is the arrogant general who is always right with this ad. If Clark continues bringing into the elections this same wonderful, dry humor, and matches it up with a strong pro-environment and pro-labor stance, support for universal health care and equal rights, an effective solution for withdrawing from Iraq that won’t leave that country in the hands of the religious fundamentalists, as well as a solution for our horrifying deficit, he just might win a vote from this member of the single women voters.

Yule Heibel also wrote about the Clark ad, noting something I also noted – with the same uncomfortable and worried feeling:

Clark’s video on the other hand announced a new style, and while I was glad to see it being used by a Democratic candidate, seeing it as so clearly superior to the other crappy video spots made me sit bolt upright, because I realized that this is the approach which smart conservatives/ Republicans have been deploying.

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