World Time Server

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

An important utility for the weblogging world is the World Time Server – click on a country or region and it tells you the current time.

With the World Time Server, I know that at this moment, in San Francisco it’s 10:50pm, Sunday, but it’s 11:50pm in Colorado for Rageboy; 12:50am, Monday for Texas Meryl; 1:50am for Sharon in North Carolina and NJ Meryl; 6:50am, Monday for Wibbly Weblog in London; 7:50am for Gaspar in Italy; 4:50pm for Chris in Korea; and finally, 5:50pm for Jonathon in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Round and round we go, and where we’ll stop, no one will know. This deserves a song!

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