Worth more than all the fairy dust in the magic kingdom

Few things could have cheered me more than this picture, drawn for me by Mike Golby’s daugher Cathryn, and the wonderful, wonderful story that accompanies it.

Artwork of Cathryn Golby

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Cathryn. Thank you Mike.

(And Cathryn — it’s not a man. Not that I don’t love some of the guys here abouts. Strictly as friends, of course.)

And thanks also to Elaine, for doing that mojo that she do so well!


Elaine's Mojo

Thanks to my friends, this has been a marvelous, marvelous treat and a wonderous raising of quiet, gray spirits — and the sun just cracked through the dark gray clouds, and rays of golden sunshine are streaming through the window. And each mote of fairy dust dancing in the sun calls out ‘friend’.

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