Wrap Up

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I found out this morning that one can still have ADSL without having phone service. My phone is disconnected but the ADSL is still active.

Once the internet has you, it doesn’t want to let you go.

This posting was previously titled The Untouchables. However, I removed the previous contents because I realized this morning that the writing was unfair. I was writing about another author in a context that didn’t necessarily give her a comfortable forum with which to respond. And that’s not right. My apologies to Meg for criticizing her work in a way that didn’t allow her to respond. Sorry, Meg. You deserved better.

I still don’t agree with what Meg wrote in this one instance, even with Jeff’s lovely entry into the discussion – but we’ll leave it at that and close the subject. I left the skeleton of the pulled posting because of the comments. In particular Ruzz has a nice comment and Stavros has a link to a nice posting – I didn’t want to pull these.

I did pull another post, though I know that Mike Sanders has written on it. However, he has pulled out those components of the posting he finds to be relevant to his writing. I should apologize to Mike, but at this time, I’m just too tired to issue yet more apologies.

What’s that you say? Weblogging means never having to say you’re sorry?

I will finish the Thread the Needle application as quickly as possible. Once started, this app should take on a life of its own and grow beyond any one person’s control – that’s how I’m designing it.

Though Needle isn’t necessary for dialogs to continue (dialogs have been occurring successfully without the technology). hopefully, it will provide a way for new voices to enter the dialog and be heard. Those at the center of a discussion don’t need Thread the Needle; it’s being built for those at the edge.

Update: U Blog Senior Lecturer in Tionian Area Studies and Chaplain AKMA and PorridgeBoy’s good twin, Gary Turner (the one who doesn’t put salt in his porridge) have stepped up to gather requirements from the weblogging community for Thread the Needle. Thanks, guys.

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