Knock, knock! Who’s there?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

My DSL connection is supposed to be down but was able to connect just now. Hmmm. I wonder if they’ll leave the connection on until the phone is disconnected? Oh well, gives me time to do a couple of additional posts before turning all of my attention to packing, packing, packing, storing, driving long distances (3000+ miles by the time I’m done), and then unpacking.

(Join us in the latest saga of “Shelley Powers: Women on Wheels” as she continues her quest to live at least once in every point of the known galaxy.)

Instead of packing this past week, I’ve been working on a new contract of which I can tell you no details other than it’s good to be back in operation. Very good. I’ve also worked through the details of my two week trip back to St. Louis. No peekies – my itinerary is known to no Man nor Woman. Well, me. I’m a woman. So I guess it’s known to No Man, One Woman.

In the meantime stuff’s been happening. Jeneanne Sessum was interviewed by Frank Paynter, supplying yet more needed discussion about life, work, family, and sex. I tried to find the interview with Denise, but couldn’t locate it. Frank, suggestion – can you pull your interviews into separate pages?

In addition, I’ve also been interviewed – by none other than the Head Lemur. Yup. We have buried the hatchet and become buddies and Lemur was kind enough to allow me to have a say at his web site. So, move your cute butts over to Head Lemur and read the interview.

There was also some rifting going on in the virtual neighborhood earlier in the week – a subject I suppose I shouldn’t discuss. However, I am the Bird, which means it’s my job to tromp all over taboo and delicate subjects with the grace and precision of a stoned elephant with an inner-ear imbalance.


If we’re truly a “connected community” rather than brain dead news linkers providing inane commentary while worshiping at the footsies of technology, then we should be able to:


  • disagree with
  • appreciate
  • squabble
  • agree with
  • get mad at
  • like
  • be hurt by
  • hurt
  • respect
  • tease
  • laugh at
  • laugh with
  • admire
  • worry about
  • worry with
  • share with
  • be shared by
  • love


…one another. Life happens.

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