While I was reading Jonathon’s CSS Oath of Allegiance it hit me quite forcefully that I’m surrounded by web standards people. I don’t know if any and all are members of WSP (Web Standard’s Project), but I am seeing a zeal like adherance to standards that causes me some qualms if I dare to step my little toe out of line.

I look around at all these beautifully designed and extremely tasteful sites, such as TX Meryl’s NotesAllan’s G’Day Cobbers, Jonathon’s, and Elise’s Opine Bovine newly redesigned site (in addition to others), and I see taste, elegance, and a reference to Zeldman — the Genghis Khan of web standards.

If I continue my theme from the earlier Tyranny of Standards, will my weblogging friends desert me for more placid and less orange filled shores? Will I be left to wander alone piteously crying out my weblog postings into a void where no one listens?

Will I be the CSS-less in the land of the CSS?

Update: is tear <edit />

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