XKrispy XKreme at Babble Meadow

There’s something close and secretive about the St. Louis parks, an otherworldly quality that strongly appeals to me. Last week I took photos at Laumieir Sculpture park at dusk and I was the only person among the paths and the sculptures set in odd corners. Echoing my footsteps was the rustle of bushes and dead leaves from squirrels running from my approach. I knew the reason for the noise, but that didn’t stop the impression of a ghostly companion paralleling my movement in the darkening forest around me.

Spooky. A bit scary. Wonderful.

The photos used in The Parable of Languages are from Tower Grove park in St. Louis, an amazing place full of trees, streams, lily ponds, interesting buildings and odd gazebos, and faux ruins complete with lake and fountain — a true Victorian park. It was love at first sight, so expect more from Babble Meadow in the future.

water lilies and reflected tree

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