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To sleep, perchance to dream

All I’ve wanted to do for the past few weeks is sleep. As soon as the sun goes down, I’m ready for bed. I’m ready for bed now, and it’s only 7:45pm.

It’s not the weather — Fall is my favorite time of the year, and the weather has been wonderful lately. And it isn’t the book, as it’s been going very well. For instance, today I had an extremely productive day working with, and writing about, HP’s Jena — a Java RDF API. And I played a bit with IsaView a graphical RDF authoring tool.

I’ve been out walking every day or almost every day, so I’m getting exercise. My appetite’s down, but I can stand to lose some weight.

Wanting to sleep my life away is bad enough, but when I do sleep, my nights are filled with dreams — color, sound, and I swear smell and taste and touch. Especially touch. Last night I dreamed I was sitting down on the ground and a friend I hadn’t seen for over ten years was looking down at me, giving me a wry smile, hands on her hips. She reached down to give me a hand up, and I could feel her hand in mine. What was astonishing is that my mind made her image approximately ten years older than the last time I saw her.

(I didn’t know my unconscious mind was so clever. I’ll have to let it out to play more often.)

A couple of days ago, I dreamed that I had to take a job working on an assembly line at a local factory that makes bombs. Not hard to figure out the roots of that dream, is it?

Those are the dreams I can tell you about. The one’s I can’t (or won’t) discuss online are rich with sensory impressions that last long into the day. When I walked at Tower Grove tonight, a couple of times it seemed as if the dream world overlaid the ‘real’ world, and I would stop walking a moment to savor the double vision the effect created.

Mark has running, Loren has hiking, half of the people in my blogroll are at conferences, except for a few (Gary and Steve), who are weblogging other webloggers as they weblog (and who seriously need to have their computers removed from their possession before they hurt themselves), Jonathon is fantasizing about sexy women he can’t have, Shannon’s sucking on candy cigarettesyou’re reading this…

And all I want to do is sleep.


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