Diversity Technology

Yes, where are the women

Eric Meyer had a recent request for CSS gurus for a potential book. I was getting down to the end of the list, thinking to myself, where are the women when I came across Molly Holzschlag asking the same question.

I don’t understand why women in CSS are so overlooked, and when the two of us that have been mentioned – at least in this case – it’s either far less than the guys or, in Holly’s case, always as a duo with Big John, and not on the merit of her own individuality. I want to understand this. Maybe you can help me.

Since this same question has been asked about Linux, PHP, MySQL, RSS, XML, Java, and about every other technology that puts in an appearance in weblogging, I wouldn’t mind hearing the answer to this one myself. I’ve been asking it for three years now – and I’m still waiting. Maybe if Molly asks the question, someone will come up with a good answer.

Now excuse me while I go back to spending a great deal of time documenting code that would most likely be given more respect, or notice, if it came from a guy. But what can you do?

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