12 Dec 2013

I received a notice from UPS on a package shipped from California. "Train derailment" was all it said.

So I have to backtrack to discover that a coal train derailed in Nevada on Sunday, damaging the tracks. The tracks weren't fixed until Tuesday, which delayed all other trains using these same tracks. My package arrived in Kansas today, where it was most likely unloaded from one of the delayed trains. My package will probably be arriving Monday rather than Friday.

At least I now know my package isn't one of many, strewed across some desolate wilderness somewhere amidst twisted and torn metal—most likely being pawed by bears or wooly men.

15 Sep 2013

A Seventies kind of thing

Drugs. Sugar Bowl Park, where rich family members came out to play Frisbee and the rest us came out to pop a little speed. Don’t let those Just Say No ads fool you folks. The only time we acknowledged this country had a drug problem is when all those rich kids started getting high. Before that it was all Sugar Bowl.

Trip over the mountain. Met these two little old ladies in a white van going across the pass from Reno to Sacramento. One lady was the mother of the other which seemed al-most un-believable to such young eyes when I realize how OLD the daughter was. And the mother had a wooden leg. Now, if you are going to cross a mountain pass in a snow blizzard this has got to be a one of kind way of doing it.

6 Jan 2011

I'm still delighted with my new Linode VPS. I added one button backup to my plan, and that's made all the difference in the world. Now, when I'm about to try something tricky, such as setting up a site firewall, I can make a snapshot backup first. Then, if my site gets toasted, I can restore a good copy with a click of a button. Lovely.

After five years I finally broke down a bought a new laptop, a Toshiba. Not only am I trying to find my way around a new machine, but also a new operating system. My current older computers are a PowerPC Mac, and an old Dell running Windows XP.

2 Jan 2011

As you can see if you're reading this, the move to a new hosting company went very well. I'm already exceptionally pleased with Linode, not the least of which the dashboard the company provides makes maintaining the site so much easier.

The only real challenges I faced were setting up the email system, and porting my Just Shelley web site; the former is just plain cumbersome, and the latter did not like the move to a PHP 5.3 environment. After the move I discovered that Drupal 7 is PHP 5.3 friendly, Drupal 6 is not. There is something in Just Shelley that triggered problems, though luckily the other sites ported without any problems.

So, I've upgrade Just Shelley to Drupal 7, as well as having installed a new Drupal 7 account, and I'm finally getting a chance to take the new version for a run. I can already see I have a lot of work to do. Yes, a lot of work.

20 May 2010

Every day I take a large bowl of dried corn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts in the shell, and scatter the contents in the grass in front of our place. And every day, a wide assortment of squirrels and birds flock to our yard to scavenge for the food.

We get mourning doves and finches, shy cardinals, and the occasional grackle or starling. Today, a new bird came by. It had a shiny, dark blue head with a brown body, and looked somewhat like a cowbird.


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