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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I checked and it’s only 85 degrees and 20% humidity outside – St. Louis is 91 and 41% humidity. I’m going to die. I just know I’m going to die. I’m going to hit the sidewalk there and my toes are going to curl up and I’ll start melting into this puddle of goo, plaintively calling out “I’m melting. I’m melting.”

Allan posted a link to a cartoon send up of webloggers. Okay, I squirmed a bit with this ‘toon. I must write more in-depth political essays of the essentialness of the American experience, and our war on terror. And must weblog about sex more. Not today, though. I’m tired, and have a headache.

This is fun: AKMA, Wonder Chicken, and Rageboy have been given parts in a re-make of Dune. AKMA stars as Dr. Yueh, Wonder Chicken is Jamis, and Chris Locke is The Beast Rabban. Of course, now that they’re all big names and stars they won’t be socializing with the little people. We can kiss off the cozy meetings over coffee on Tuesdays, the Saturday socials.

Sheila Lennon writes about a byline strike at the Providence Journal, the Washington Post, Canadian publications and elsewhere. Article writers are withholding their bylines from stories in protest about not having a contract between their various Newspaper Guilds and the publications they write for.

This is an interesting protest because writers like to be given credit for their publications. I support the writers – of course – but wouldn’t a better strike be to not write for the publication at all?

Shannon’s a Godmother of a new baby girl, Charlotte. Can’t ask for a better nanny to sing one to sleep can one?

Hmmm. That last sentence was meant as a compliment. You all took that as a compliment, didn’t you?

And chocorate. I like chocorate.

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