Speaking of animals

Speaking of cat loving Australian men and other animals, I found a web site that lists some of the more interesting Australian Animals, including creatures such as the Kookaburra and the Bandicoot.

And the Tasmanian Devil isn’t just a Bugs Bunny cartoon character. Want to hear what they sound like? Make sure your cats are out of the room, first.


A good cobber Allan Moult

Allan’s weblog, G’Day Cobbers weblog is a treasure I discovered not long after he started. I was attracted to Allan’s photographs first — he is an extremely accomplished professional photographer — and then stayed for his humor and his interest in all things eclectic.

Of course, when I found out that Allan was from Tasmania, the Down Under of Down Under, well, I knew this was the beginning of a long and rewarding friendship.

My particular favorite postings of Allan’s have to do with Dizzy, the infamous office cat from hell who became Allan’s close friend. However, I have also appreciated Allan’s Dreamtime Story and the attack of the Spamming Politician among many other toothsome stories.

Allan has published books on gardening, travel, and craft in addition to his photography and web site design. Personally, I think Allan should put his hand to writing a novel. Something based in Australia and sexy 😉

I would link to a photo I had found of Allan, but I slipped about finding it to him and he must have snuck out and pulled it. Too bad, because I thought it was a great photo of a man with a terrific smile and a love of life and the outdoors. I knew I should have copied it to my web site for future reference…

Say G’Day to Allan!


Australian states and territories

Australia has six states and two mainland territories in addition to several island territories.

Of the states, Tasmania (home of Allan Moult) is known as the Down Under Down Under due to its location beneath the Australian mainland. Allan, is your home really as beautiful as the photos show? I am green with envy.

Jonathon, Garth, Victor, and zem all live in New South Wales home to Sydney, considered one of the most beautiful Bay cities in the world.

Victoria is in the southern part of the continent and is the home state for Melbourne, a sophisticated gateway to scenic ocean vistas, deserts, and mountains. Tom lives in Victoria.

The other states are Western AustraliaSouth Australia, and Queensland.

I figured with this much to see, when I finally take my long desired trip to Australia, I’ll have to stay for at least three months (visa length). What a beautiful country.


Starbucks Fan: Garth Kidd

I was just joking about Garth being a fan of Starbuck’s. As he has said in his weblog — he’s not overly fond of American coffee. Okay, Aussies — what exactly is wrong with American coffee? Too strong? Weak? Bitter?

Anyway, Garth is another techie who has reverse engineered and tinkered with the technology behind Radio. His Radio weblog tag line is “If Radio is a platform, it’s a platform on which typing ‘ps’ crashes the system entirely”. I’ll have to try this.

Garth is also getting married to a young woman named Zoe. It sounds as if they may be having a fairly significant wedding (details, Garth, details!)

A little Google snooping shows that Garth is into open source, FreeBSD, and EFF (I knew I liked him). In fact, I’m finding that Garth’s weblog is really the tip to this particular iceberg — to get to know Garth better, look for him in Google.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo. These shy webloggers.

Good Morning Garth! Have a cup of coffee on me!


Victor Echo Zulu, come in, over!

Victor is fairly new to weblogging, having been pulled into getting a weblog by his longtime friend, Jonathon. He has a company, Stand Out Training, providing Macromedia training in Australia.

(That little Googlestack was for you, Victor.)

Victor is taking a brave new step into marketing with his company. Rather than using some of the more traditional marketing techniques such as advertising through publications, he’s promoting his company throught the web, only. In particular, Victor has researched the inner workings of Google in order to better understand how to position his company within the Google rankings. However, as we all know, Google’s a fickle creature. One day we’re loved, the next day — dirt.

In addition to his company, Victor is also a speaker and loving family man with five kids. What amazes me is the amount of energy this man has in addition to having five kids. For instance, this week he’s off to the University of New England attending Psychology classes.

Victor’s also a huge fan of Cluetrain — NOT!

Rageboy says Hi Victor 😉