Australian states and territories

Australia has six states and two mainland territories in addition to several island territories.

Of the states, Tasmania (home of Allan Moult) is known as the Down Under Down Under due to its location beneath the Australian mainland. Allan, is your home really as beautiful as the photos show? I am green with envy.

Jonathon, Garth, Victor, and zem all live in New South Wales home to Sydney, considered one of the most beautiful Bay cities in the world.

Victoria is in the southern part of the continent and is the home state for Melbourne, a sophisticated gateway to scenic ocean vistas, deserts, and mountains. Tom lives in Victoria.

The other states are Western AustraliaSouth Australia, and Queensland.

I figured with this much to see, when I finally take my long desired trip to Australia, I’ll have to stay for at least three months (visa length). What a beautiful country.

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