Starbucks Fan: Garth Kidd

I was just joking about Garth being a fan of Starbuck’s. As he has said in his weblog — he’s not overly fond of American coffee. Okay, Aussies — what exactly is wrong with American coffee? Too strong? Weak? Bitter?

Anyway, Garth is another techie who has reverse engineered and tinkered with the technology behind Radio. His Radio weblog tag line is “If Radio is a platform, it’s a platform on which typing ‘ps’ crashes the system entirely”. I’ll have to try this.

Garth is also getting married to a young woman named Zoe. It sounds as if they may be having a fairly significant wedding (details, Garth, details!)

A little Google snooping shows that Garth is into open source, FreeBSD, and EFF (I knew I liked him). In fact, I’m finding that Garth’s weblog is really the tip to this particular iceberg — to get to know Garth better, look for him in Google.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo. These shy webloggers.

Good Morning Garth! Have a cup of coffee on me!

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