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As if you don’t know from previous entries, I am a huge SF Gate fan, reading it every day as well as subscribing to several email newletters. One of the main reasons why I like the publication so much is writers such as Mark Morford. If there is anyone in mainstream journalism who should have his own weblog, it’s Mark.

In today’s SF Gate Morning Fix Mark expresses his opinion about a new hair storage company, that will store hair samples until science invents a method of hair cloning and a cure for baldness. He writes:

In related news, another startup, Getoverit, Inc., will begin storing samples of semen, blood, lace lingerie, the menu from that cool little Thai place, and old photographs of slightly drunk couples smiling at that guy’s birthday party that one time, all stored in old loosely sealed yellow Tupperware containers and stacked in the back of founder Susan Barricelli’s garage under some old paint cans and her ex-boyfriend’s golf ball collection until modern technology finds a way to uselessly revive old relationships so you can have your heart wrecked all over again. “It’s only a matter of time before someone finds a way to efficiently re-drag your heart through the emotional mud and make you feel like a leftovor corn dog and leave you crying in your Raspberry Ginger Detox Yoga Tea,” Barricelli sighed, sipping her tea.

In his regular column last week Mark wrote about the current situation in the Middle East, the War on Terror and the general level of warmongering that seems to exist:

No one is preaching peace. No one striving for genuine camaraderie or balance or compromise. And too few of us seem willing to believe that 9/11 has mutated into a brutish hollow excuse for the Bush administration to perpetuate a war for oil and to proclaim new enemies and to chip away at the Constitution and your civil liberties in the name of increased federal control and fewer dissenting voices.


Warmongering — discussions occurring with an almost obscene glee every time another atrocity in the name of “peace” is committed. Compromise is for the weak, the evil, the lost. A quick look at all the new “warblogs” in should refresh your memory if you don’t know wherefore I speak.

But I digress. Speaking of little green worms in sour black apples, as Mark would say if he were me but he isn’t me so he hasn’t said it, read his columns and subscribe to his newsletter — it’s worth the inevitable but barely noticeable increase in spam.

(Thanks to Stavros for reminding me to share Mark with others.)

P.S. Check out another person’s view of Mark — from the Christian Resource Net.


Ahoy mate!

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Well, hey! Another Radio user bites the dust!

Jonathon has now officially moved his weblog from Radio to a brand new sparkly MT-based weblog, hosted on his own server. Good on you, Jonathon! Welcome aboard!

Jonathon’s new site is at

I want you all to notice that I beat Mr. Delacour’s weblog conversion by several hours. Not that I’m bragging (neener! neener!). Not that I’m rubbing it in (nyah! nyah!). Just a simple statement of fact (men drool, women rule!)

Just Shelley

By the light…

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’ve been in San Francisco one year this month.

One year ago I stopped living with my ex-husband, drove 3000+ miles across country, and established a new life in California.

One year ago I closed down my successful Massachusetts business and bid my friends and Boston good-bye.

One year ago I sat in my new apartment, unsure if I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. I sat, quietly in a darkening room and listened to the strange sounds of a new home.

Gradually, I became aware of a soft light coming in through the window. Looking up, I saw the Silver Moon framed in the window. Outside, the Bay was lit up so brightly I could see the ripples of the individual waves.

Well, I wasn’t looking for a sign, but this will do. Yes, this will do.