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Work, work, work

Working weekend this weekend.

I’m finally finishing my writing for the UPT book after too long a break (with apologies to my long suffering and extremely patient editors). And I’m finally porting my weblog to Movable Type, hopefully finishing by Monday or Tuesday.

I am partial to Blogger, and think it’s the best blogging tool to use when a person is just starting; however, the Blogger servers are just too overloaded and I want to control the hosting of the blogging tool as well as the content on my own server. If there’s a problem, then, at least I can deal with it personally.

Sorry Phil. Sorry Ev. Think of it as one less weblog stressing the system.

Radio’s a good weblogging tool, also, but I don’t care for the Userland Radio cloud and my server is FreeBSD, which means I can’t host my own Radio cloud. There are other weblogging tools, but none seem to have the level of sophistication, adaptability, and usability of Movable Type. It was the natural next choice for me.

BTW, I’m not only porting my weblog to a new tool, I’m also incorporating some features that are very unique, unusual, and abnormal for a weblog.

Abnormal. Yeah, that’s me.

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