Weblogging comment spamfest

Jonathon has started a new trend in weblogging — he’s giving a prize to the person who drops in the 1000th comment.

That’s right boys and girls, this is your chance to win either a Dishmatique of your very own — the tool of choice for webloggers round the world — or a selection of that delectable treat, Tim Tams.

Run, don’t walk, over to Mr. Delacour’s home and comment, comment, comment! Show Mr. D you love him. Pass the word. This is an official call for a Weblogging Comment Spamfest!.

In honor of this momentous occasion, today I’ll be tripping through Jonathon’s comments from postings past, and pulling out and posting excerpts.

Mr. Delacour and members of Mr. Delacour’s immediate family, friends, associates, and fellow Australians are not eligible for prizes. The results are being tallied by Anderson Accounting, and are not valid until appropriate bribes are paid.


Comment spamfest update

Bb here, reporting live from Jonathon Delacour’s Comment SpamFest. I can see that we have a few early birds among the festival attendees, including that mad man of the weblog airways, the master of the One Word Weblog, Steve Himmer. Steve’s comment is, well, urh, “No comment”. What can I say, folks — the man is a master of understatement.

(As a side note, folks, Steve is sporting a new look, these days, based on a move to Movable Type. It’s sort of retro Arizona wasteland – very stylish, and not what one would expect from a man who lives by the sea. Very chic with those accents of rust and dust.)

Folks, while we’re waiting on other arrivals at the SpamFest, I want to regale you with some Tips for Living, compiled from my own experiences.

Tip 1: When going to a county government building to register your car, never slam shut the cover of the hard glasscase holder for your sunglasses. It has a distinctive gun sound when echoing in larger buildings. Doing so may attract unwanted attention, including several country police officers with hands strategically placed on gun holsters.


Comment Spamfest two

More from Comment SpamFest:

It was back in the early weeks of his weblog that Jonathon turned on comments. The first person to add one was Jeff Cheney who wrote:

I wonder if Jonathon will notice this comment….

To which Jonathon responded:

Thanks for commenting, Jeff. I did find your comment — but only by chance…

No, no! Don’t run off. It gets better. Really!

And now, for another Tips for Living:

Tip 3 (Tip 2, having to do with the FBI, is in comments of previous post): remove the cardboard from the pizza before placing it in oven. We have this tip directly from Jeneane Sessum, reporting on secret experimentation being conducted at Professor Chris Locke’s Colorado-based laboratory.

(No, not that laboratory, the other one.)

Though Professor Locke reports on improved flavor and texture, the hazards associated with baking cardboard at 475 degrees outweigh the benefits gained, in our learned opinion. In fact, while conducting an investigation into why Professor Locke’s pizza didn’t spontaneously combust, we found that the melted plastic of the pizza covering most likely prevented the cardboard from catching fire. Said plastic may also account for additional crunchiness of pizza.

These findings will be reported to Professor Locke after he completes the process of dealing with all of that extra roughage in his diet.